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Low Fat Products Spraying


Fried foods are popular due to their taste, distinctive flavour, aroma, and crunchy texture, which result from an important and versatile cooking process that has been around since antiquity. Modern manufacturing also likes Deep Fat Frying (DFF) since it not only contributes to the smell and taste of the food but also provides a relatively low-cost method for large-scale frying, making fried foods a staple of the fast food industry.

However, the high content of saturated fats associated with DFF is considered a major factor in increasing health risks such as coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. Scientists and Food Technologists have worked hard to understand the principles of DFF in order to reduce the uptake of fat within the process.

Saturn has collaborated with Food Scientists from top European Food Technology Centres to support the development of processes aimed at reducing fat content in fried foods. Saturn’s Spinning Disc Technology has met the demanding criteria necessary for successful application. The precision all-over spraying with controlled deposition provided by Saturn’s DiscMaster™ and DiscMatic™ products is crucial for achieving consistently high-quality low-fat products.

Barrier Emulsions

By applying a barrier emulsion to the food product prior to the deep fat frying process, the emulsion blocks the rapid uptake of oil during the initial phases of cooking. Careful control of the application process ensures that the finished product will be classified as low fat. Recent formulations make it impossible to discern a difference in the presentation and taste of the finished product. Control of the barrier application is a key part of the successful outcome of the process.

Oven Cooking

By applying a preparation of specialist oils to the food product, which is then oven-baked, outstanding results can be achieved, replicating the appearance, texture, and taste of a deep fat fried product. Precision spraying methods are vital in maintaining low-fat results.

The Low Fat Chip and Roast Potatoes

The humble potato, often considered a mainstay of Western cuisine, has undergone a healthy makeover in the last few decades. Modern production techniques have been applied to provide low-fat alternatives for potato-based dishes such as chips and roast potatoes. By carefully controlling the type and amount of oil uptake in the cooking process, oven-cooked low-fat chips and roasted potatoes can deliver all the flavour with only a fraction of the guilt.

Saturn Spraying’s DiscMaster™ and DiscMatic™ excel in applying a precise “3D all-over spray” of oil to a mono-layer of potato products. This precision control is essential in achieving the desired low-fat outcome in the oven cooking process.