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'Specialists in Food Spraying Technology'

Saturn Spraying is a major supplier of Spraying Technology for the Food Production Industry worldwide, and has over the last 30 years supplied clients throughout the world, with our food production equipment. 

The majority of spraying applications for foodstuffs occurs in the Bakery Sector and within that arena Saturn Spraying, with our spinning disc technology, is considered to be the benchmark in quality spraying. Saturn works in a number of food related markets, which are shown in the pictures below. Please scroll through the pictures and 'click' on the picture relating to the business area you are interested in. You will be taken to our in-depth webpages. Alternatively you can freely navigate throughout the whole website using the dropdown menu bar above.

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Specialists in Food Spraying Technology

Saturn Spraying's Main Products are ...


The DiscMaster™ Spraying System is designed to benefit the Small Business Enterprise (SME) and Artisan alike, by providing consistent and accurate high quality food spraying. The evolutionary approach of the DiscMaster™ series of spraying systems provides a proven work-centre for meeting the quality expectations of major supermarkets.

From egg glazing croissants, to helping develop the next generation of low fat healthy products, the spraying versatility of the DiscMaster™ Spraying System is an established industry benchmark.


Saturn Spraying System Limited

 “Specialists in Food Spraying Technology”

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The DiscMatic™ Spraying System has evolved to become the mainstay of industrial food spraying around the world. The versatility of the design allows for the integration of our bespoke spraying systems into the client's production line without compromising the performance and quality of the spray. The large spinning discs used within the DiscMatic™ design, are responsive to the small adjustments required for optimum spraying, whilst the slower disc speeds minimise misting.

The high yield, high ROI design obtains endorsements from operatives and management alike.


Saturn Spraying System Limited

 “Specialists in Food Spraying Technology”

This is what they say about us ....

  • Coghlans Bakery Mini Logo  "The finished glaze is just about perfect." - Brendan Coghlan, Coghlans Baker, Eire

  • Cornish Premier Pasty  "We have improved the product quality we are known for" - David Plechowicz- Cornish Premier Pasties

  • Crantocks New Logo  "I'm very impressed with the quality of Saturn’s spray glazing" - Alan McGillivray, Crantock Bakeries.

  • Five Star Fish New Logo  "Repeatability and precision is a major factor" - Peter Tiffney, Five Star Fish

  • Kerry  "The design and quality of the equipment is very important" - Phil Hick, Kerry Foods

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