Top & Bottom Spray Coverage

Sometimes referred to as "All Over Spraying" this configuration requires a minimum of two pairs of contra-rotating disc heads. The appropriate "Top Only" or "Top & Sides" configuration, is augmented with a further pair of discs located under the conveyor; spraying the underside of the products. In this way, we can ensure that the spray pattern is extended to spray the key areas:

2D Product

  • Top Surface
  • Underside Surface

3D Product

  • Top Surface
  • Front Leading Face
  • Left Side Face
  • Right Side Face
  • Rear Trailing Face
  • Underside Surface

Spinning Disc 6

Top & Bottom System Schematic

Spinning Disc 11

The rotating pairs are configured to provide a consistent and uniform spray over and underneath the spray bed. A balanced stainless steel manifold ensures that the pump output is evenly distributed to each spray head. Spray material that is not deposited on the product is collected under the conveyor and channelled back to the tank.

Digital Potentiometer


Precision Inverter/Motor Control Systems provides digital control to the Spinning Disc Speed, Pump Speed and the Conveyor Speed. This provides a unique signature for each machine set-up. Product changeovers can be quickly accommodated by entering the signature code into the machine for the appropriate machine configuration. The accuracy inherent in the system ensures it correctly returns to an identical set up as the last batch for that particular product.

A proportion of the pump output is returned directly to the reservoir tank, which provides:

  • Improved control of the spray application rate.
  • Continuous recirculation that inhibits separation of emulsions.
  • Enhanced temperature stabilisation of the spray.


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