The DiscMatic™ Slurry Spraying System




A variant of the DiscMatic™ System, the slurry spinning disc spraying machine has been designed to spray liquids, emulsions and slurries with precision. The machine is configured with a motorised mixer system inside the main reservoir, to ensure that particulates do not settle out of suspension. With a feeder tube diameter of 9.5 mm, our blockage resistant design and ease of system maintenance contributes enormously to the system’s overall success. For operation at other than ambient temperature control the heating/chiller packs can maintain the unit at the appropriate temperature, for either heated or chilled spraying operations.

The system can be configured for ‘Top Only’, ‘Top & Sides’ or ‘All Over’ coverage by the number and positioning of the Spinning Discs. All the discs operate in ganged pairs and are belt driven from inverter-motor sets. The DiscMatic™ is available with belt widths ranging from 600 mm to 1600 mm.

To assist an operator, the DiscMatic™ is fitted with a flashing amber warning beacon, which gives warning when the system reservoir needs topping up. The reservoir level sensor triggers the beacon when the level of the reservoir falls below a recommended level.

Operational Benefits

System Construction

The DiscMatic™ slurry unit is designed to disassemble into three manageable units:

Conveyor Unit

  • A 1990 mm long conveyor on which the products to be sprayed are transported; whilst this is the typical length, other sizes are available. The unit is mounted on height adjustable castors

Spray Head Unit

  • The Spray Head assembly is mounted on height adjustable castors

Storage Tank Assembly

  • The material storage tank and pump unit

System Materials

The machine is constructed in stainless steel grade 304, with pipework in 316-grade steel. All components in direct contact with the material being sprayed and the product are stainless steel or other food quality materials. The design ensures all areas of the machine are fully accessible for cleaning and every effort is made to ensure that the hygiene aspects of the machine are to the highest possible standard. All electrical components will be protected to IP65, with pumps and conveyor drives to a minimum of 


The system requires a ‘Clean’ Three Phase Supply. Customers are responsible for the connection of a single, ‘clean’ supply to the control panel:

UK Power Requirements

Voltage 415V Phases 3Ph with Neutral & Earth, Frequency 50Hz

Standard Configuration Options

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