Introducing Spinning Disc Technology


At the core of the spraying system is a dish-shaped rotating stainless steel disc. The disc is rotated at speed; whereupon liquids are fed into the centre of the spinning disc. As this liquid is accelerated by the spinning disc, it spirals out to the edge of the disc and is then launched tangentially into the air. Here, the disc will spray uniformly and homogeneously through a full 360 degrees.

By enclosing the spinning disc with a metal cover incorporating an adjustable aperture; a precision spray pattern can be focused on the required area of application.

The feed tube to the spinning disc has an aperture of between 6.0 to 9.5mm (dependant upon model). This allows liquids of varying densities, including slurries with particulates in suspension, to be sprayed with the same precision and uniformity of deposition: without fear of blockages or variations in the spray strength. For thorough system cleaning, we have ensured that the key parts disassemble very easily.

Primary Advantages of Our Technology

  • Blockage resistant delivery system that gives reliable manufacturing performance.
  • Precision homogenous spray that provides a faultless, even and consistent coverage of the product.
  • Easy maintenance & cleaning as the major assemblies disassemble very easily.

Operation Directors and Factory Managers alike value the clear benefits of operating a high quality, high yield precision spraying system. Maintenance Managers see the attention to design detail, the system build quality and the faultless reliability as a proven recipe for success. Through ensuring faultless precision and repeatable results we continually push the boundaries of what is achievable.


Download a Special Factsheet on Saturn's Technology

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