Spraying Slurries

To spray Slurries, the machine is configured with a motorised mixer system that includes an angled propeller type mixer and a balanced pipe work system, to keep the velocity of the pumped product constant. This keeps the spraying material in motion, minimising the possibility of the particulates settling out of suspension.

With a feeder tube diameter of 9.5 mm; our blockage resistant design and ease of system maintenance contribute enormously to the system’s overall success. For operation at non-ambient temperatures, the heating/chiller pack can maintain the unit at the appropriate temperature for either heated or chilled spraying operations.

The system can be configured for “Top Only”, “Top & Sides” or “All Over” coverage by the number and positioning of the Spinning Discs. All the discs operate in ganged pairs and are belt driven from inverter-motor sets.

Top Only Slurry Spraying System

Spinning Disc 13

Top & Bottom Slurry Spraying

Spinning Disc 14.0


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