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The DiscNomic™ Spraying System

The DiscNomic™ Spraying Machine is a single disc, ‘Top Only’ spraying machine designed directly for the small business establishment. The cost-effective construction and outstanding professional performance provide (in this entry level system) operational precision and replicable results, previously unavailable. The DiscNomic™ allows for the spraying of glazes and oils, at ambient temperatures, onto the top of either loose products or those placed upon trays.

Transportable on castors for easy relocation within the factory, it can be used as either a stand-alone offline unit or integrated into a small production facility.

System Construction

Built as a single integral unit with removable access panels and stainless steel pipe work, the DiscNomic™ is designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Its 600 mm conveyor belt width comes in either stainless steel wire enrobing for loose product or chain drive for trays.


System Materials

The machine is constructed in stainless steel grade 304, with pipework in 316-grade steel. All components in direct contact with the material being sprayed and the product are stainless steel or other food quality materials. The design ensures all areas of the machine are fully accessible for cleaning, and every effort is made to ensure that the hygiene aspects of the machine are to the highest possible standard. All electrical components will be protected to IP65, with pump and conveyor drives to a minimum of IP56.

System Electrical Requirements

These machines require a single-phase mains power connection for operation. For UK operation, the power requirements are 240V 1 Ph 50Hz & Earth.