Milk Glazing

Milk Glazing is most often used to put a ‘shine’ on sweet biscuits and here the quality of glaze can make a difference to the visual appeal of the product. The glaze must be applied in a homogenous, streak free process. Over-glazing, spots, drips or void areas are simply not acceptable.

With Spinning Disc Spraying, the glaze is applied to either the ‘top only’ or ‘top & sides’ surfaces, depending on the size, shape and needs of the product. The combination of the number of discs pairs, their geometric position and the systems various speed settings give the desired precision spray coverage. Saturn Spraying System’s DiscMaster™ and DiscMatic™ Series of machines are designed to provide high-performance glazing capabilities.

Our clients’ report that the benefits of our technology allow them to:

  • Deliver homogenous spray coverage with precision control
  • Extend the useful operational life of the glaze by continuous recycling
  • Save costs by applying an expensive glaze at the optimal coverage rate with minimal wastage
  • Achieve high yield rates with our virtual blockage free production process.

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