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Water Spraying to Relieve Freezer Burn

Appearing as brown leathery spots on frozen meats and vegetables, freezer burn occurs when the product is damaged by dehydration and oxidation as air reaches the food’s surface. Whilst freezer burn itself doesn’t make the food unsafe, it does make it undesirable. Fluctuations of freezer temperature and low moisture levels can also promote the development of this blight.

Freezer Burn on Meat

One of the most effective ways of combating the onset of this problem is to lightly precision spray the product with water prior to its packaging and quench freezing. This process increases the level of moisture in the freezer and reduces the potential of freezer burn onset.

Precision spraying of water is a fast and effective method of increasing the overall yield of the production process. Saturn Spraying DiscMaster™ and DiscMatic™ Systems are designed to precision control the application of spraying materials and lend themselves easily to this process. The flexibility to provide 2D and 3D coverage for all-over spraying is very important.

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