Many food products are manufactured in their base form onto which a variety of flavours are added. The base form provides the nutritional and bulk content of the food while the flavours change the taste and smell of the product adding to its appeal. Examples of this are crackers and bread based products.

Flavourings are commonly mixed with a carrier oil to improve handling and application during the manufacturing process. Flavours are not restricted to simple liquid additives but can also include particulates, which add to the texture as well as the taste of the product.

Flavours Spices

The key requirements associated with successful application of flavourings are:

  • Blockage Free Application Process
  • Precision Control Deposition Rate
  • Consistent Batch to Batch Performance
  • Handling Particulates in Suspension (if required)
  • Quick Changeover of Flavours
  • High Yield Rate

Applying flavour requires the precise control of the deposition rate; the process should also be replicable between batches to ensure product consistency. However, balance and finesse are also important qualities to discuss, since some flavours impart a stronger impression than others. Nozzles and spray guns simply block when particulates are involved. Production downtime increases exponentially.

Saturn Spraying Systems’ range of spinning disc machines is ideal for the process of applying flavour. The DiscMaster™ and DiscMatic™ machines are virtually blockage free and are able to apply just the right amount of flavour in a consistent and replicable way time after time. The DiscMatic™ Slurry Variant has been designed specifically for the handling of particulates in suspension. This results in the end product tasting exactly how the manufacturer intended.

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