Five Star Fish, Grimsby

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“ ….. some of our products require a controlled level of emulsion, which we need to monitor very closely. We ensure that it’s even and within a close tolerance by weight, by batch. For us the repeatability and precision of the Saturn Spraying Machine have been a major factor in providing a reduced fat, coated fish product into the market.”

Peter Tiffney
Technical Director,
Five Star Fish Ltd, 2 Sisters Food Group


Five Star Fish Ltd, 2 Sisters Food Group of Grimsby UK, are a major supplier of coated fish products into the european market. Five Star were looking to add to their product portfolio a “reduced fat” breaded fish product that retained all the visual appearance and taste of the traditional flash fried fish.

To achieve the design constrains of the product, it was essential that their barrier emulsion, which restricted the take-up of fat in the deep fat frying process, should be applied not only evenly over the whole product but also very accurately as a percentage of the product weight. It was a requirement that this accuracy should be maintained from batch to batch with the minimum of operator intervention.

Successful trials took place at Five Stars’ facility in Grimsby, followed very quickly by installation of Saturn's DiscMaster™ DN6TB unit onto their “reduced fat” production Line.

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