Egg Glazing

Egg Glazing, sometimes referred to as Egg Washing is the singular most popular spraying application in the bakery industry. It transforms a pastry product into the golden honey coloured product that we find mighty difficult to resist. These could include but are not limited to:

  • Bread Rolls
  • Brioches
  • Cornish Pasties
  • Croissants
  • Flat Top Pies
  • Sausage Rolls

The quality of glaze can make a profound difference to the visual acceptance of the product, which is why many of the larger retailers worldwide specify the glazing requirements so exactly. The glaze must be applied in a homogenous, streak-free process; where over-glazing, spots, drips or void areas are simply not acceptable. Glaze application technologies such as brushing or spray nozzles simply fail to meet these requirements and are discounted as serious contenders in most processing lines.


With Spinning Disc Spraying, the glaze is applied to either the ‘top only’ or ‘top & sides’ surfaces, depending on the needs of the product. The combination of the number of discs pairs, their geometric position and the system's various speed settings, give the desired precision spray coverage. Saturn Spraying System’s DiscMaster™ and DiscMatic™ series of machines are designed to provide high-performance egg glazing capabilities.

The egg glaze itself can be real or synthetic and applied at either ambient or chilled temperatures. EU recommendation stresses the importance of maintaining real egg at a temperature of between 4 ­to 6 C. Saturn provides the facility to temperature regulate the spray material during application. The advantage of our design is that the spray material is being continuously pumped around the machine and returned to the system reservoir, which brings the spray material into contact with the refrigerated surfaces of the machine, which maintains the temperature of the egg glaze more accurately.

Our clients’ tell us that our Technology allows them to:

  • Meet the exacting requirements of retailers worldwide
  • Deliver homogenous spray coverage with precision control
  • Extend the useful operational life of the glaze by continuous recycling
  • Save costs by applying an expensive glaze at the optimal coverage rate with minimal wastage
  • Operate a virtual blockage free production process with high yield rates
  • Handle real eggs in a safe, controlled environment without clouds of atomised egg in the working area

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