Oil Spraying

Food Production requires the spraying of oil onto food surface for the following reasons:-

Barrier Coat

Oils such as Palm Oil are sprayed over the outside of the product. The coating reduces the take up of moisture in the next manufacturing stage. Since viscosity is inversely proportional to temperature for all materials., the palm oil (which is a solid at room temperature), is heated to the point where the viscosity is optimum for precision spraying.

Provide Lubrication

Oil acts as a lubricant between the layers of pastry in products like Filo Pastry, where dough oiling ensures an excellent product.

Crisping Agent

Oil Sprayed onto the outside of the product to improve product texture in the next stage of the cooking process. For example French Fries & Roast Potatoes

Barrier Coat Spraying

Dough Oiling

Dough Oiling is simply the process of providing a light film of oil to the outer surface of kneaded dough, including dough balls and pizza bases. One of the most popular oiling processes is the preparation of Filo {Phyllo, Fillo} pastry for pie lines. Oil can be applied to either a single side or both sides of the continuous pastry line, providing lubrication as it is folded and layered.

The process requires that the applicator should:

  • Apply oil homogeneously across the FILO pastry
  • Cover both sides of the pastry (if required)
  • Precision regulation of the oil coverage
  • Accommodate relatively high-speed line application

Saturn’s DiscMaster™ and DiscMatic™ Series of Spraying Systems provides the optimum oiling application systems, by utilising the 2D Top & Bottom system configuration.

Schematic of a DiscMaster™DN4TB providing top & Bottom Spraying for filo pastry

DiscMaster DN4TB

These systems provide:                                        

  • Precision control for optimum system yield
  • Consistent and even homogenous spray coverage ‘Top & Bottom’
  • Upgraded pump selection for high-speed application
  • Auto refill reservoir option for long endurance application which reduces operator interaction 

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