Cornish Premier Pasties

Cornish Premier Pasty

Quality is about attention to detail and using the appropriate technology for the task. So it was with Cornish Premier Pasties in Newquay whose growing business necessitated the automation of their glazing process. With Saturn Spraying’s precision spraying system, Cornish Premier Pasty has benefited from both an increased throughput, and an improvement in product quality. There was also a saving on glazing material as less is wasted. The machine at the end of the table is a vital part of the production team.

Cornish Premier Pasties continues to win the just accolades for their fine Cornish Products. Their success is a testament to all the hard work behind the scenes. As David Plechowicz, Production Manager said, “This was a game-changer for us, we have increased our available capacity to meet future expansion, and at the same time improved the product quality we’re known for. We’re well pleased“

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