Applying Slurries

Spraying Slurries is a particularly efficient and effective way of applying a base layer and particulates in the food processing industry. In one step, it reduces the number and expense of the processing equipment and improves the adhesion and distribution of the particulate over the food product.

Common uses of slurry sprays are to apply flavour and spices to speciality bread. An interesting example available in the UK market is the application of coriander onto naan bread, using rapeseed oil as the application medium. The coriander is sensitive to transport handling and easily bruises, increasing the challenge.

Naan with Coriander

The technology available to apply this slurry spray is limited almost entirely to spinning disc spraying with its virtual blockage free performance since nozzle appliances spectacularly fail in this area.

Saturn Slurry machines use hygienic stainless steel pumps, absent from potential blocking points and no mating surfaces to crush and damage the product. Some types of pump throw the particles outwards causing them to stick to the chamber walls, which can create blockages and crush the particles, which, in the case of herbs etc., can change the flavour of the particle.

Saturn’s DiscMatic™ Slurry Variant System demonstrates the key features required to satisfactorily handle and apply particulates in solution.

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