Saturn Spraying Systems Limited


Saturn Spraying Systems Limited specialises in Food Spraying Technology, and applies the best current technologies in order to provide the most cost effective and innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We are committed to maintaining a high level of quality in all of our processes, from design and fabrication through to personal contact. Our first responsibility is to our customer: to provide a specified product or service in a timely manner, to give sound, objective advice and to communicate effectively.  It is this personal approach, coupled with our innovative solutions that have contributed significantly to our client’s satisfaction.

Saturn is a global supplier at the very forefront of spinning disc spray technology. The spraying of glazes oils and emulsions; consistently onto foodstuffs with precision and repeatability, provides tangible benefits in productivity and yield for today’s modern food production industry. Our worldwide sales have established Saturn as the suppliers of choice for a large range of household names.
Our clients demand the improvements in product quality and performance that our machines deliver, as well as the benefits of savings through the control and minimal wastage that our closed system spraying provides. The systems are simple to use and control, and with the high levels of after sales support, downtime due to maintenance is minimised.

Quality and reliability apart, it is our ability to engineer the spraying solution into specific physical locations on the client’s production line without diminishing the system performance that the client requires. Bespoke system design of this nature is unique to Saturn Spraying Systems Limited.

Located on the Ferndown Industrial Estate, near Bournemouth, this south coast location provides us with excellent modern road, rail and air distribution routes for our business in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We are located only 5 km from Bournemouth International Airport.



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